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Andrew and Gina Cengiz
Date: Apr 29, 2011

Eddie did a great job on our car. Very knowledgeable and honest. We will definitely be bringing our cars here from now on.
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Auto Repair Services in Salt Lake City

If you are in the Salt Lake City and you are experiencing problems with your car along the way then drive in to Hi-Tech Auto Repair and let us take care of all your needs. Backed by a team of experts in the field, we are equipped to handle all your auto repair services in Salt Lake City no matter how big or small.

At Hi-Tech Auto Repair we offer a range of services which include the following:
Routine Maintenance
In order for your car to run at its best on the roads, you need to ensure that you make it in to our shop for a routine maintenance. Our routine maintenance would optimize your vehicle's safety and sound performance and we will do that for you at a fraction of the price that you would pay the other guys.

Brake Service and Repair
A problematic brakes system can only result in unwanted accidents on the road. That's why we urge you not to ignore the warning signs that your brakes are signaling. Bring it to us and we would have your brakes working in no time for safety's sake. Using a high-tech system, we are able to test your brakes and specifically look into the areas such as the hydraulic fluids, anti-lock mechanism, calipers and rotor/drum wear. After the examination, you are guaranteed to receive a written estimate from us which would give you a breakdown of time and cost.

If you are driving around with balding tires and are in need of new ones then give us a call so we can get a perfect tire match for your vehicle. Our tires give you the opportunity to drive around safely even in inclement leather whether it is snowy or rainy conditions. Come and get new tires if your vehicle is currently doing 40,000 to 50,000 miles on the road.

Exhaust System
Exhaust systems are not to be played with especially when they start getting noisy and start releasing dangerous gases in the air. We can help you with getting a replacement.

We firmly believe that no one should have to endure a bumpy ride. And that's exactly what you would get if your vehicle has been exposed to bad roads filled with snow, construction materials and even potholes. We stock all the parts that you would need to smoothen out those bumpy rides.

Steering and Alignment
If you find yourself steering to one side while driving or you have to change your tires more than often then this would indicate a steering and alignment problem. Bring your vehicle in to us so that we can evaluate and rectify your problem right away.

Air Conditioning
Driving in comfort is what we all strive for and one way in which this can be done is by having a good working air-conditioning system in your vehicle. If your air-conditioned system has not been performing the way it should then we can diagnose the reason behind the malfunction on all makes of air-condition units. We have the tools that are needed to repair your cooling system and get it back to good working order.
Other services include oil, filter and battery change and we can also give you a tune-up and tire-rotation as well.

Hi-Tech Auto Repair offers a wide range of under-hood and general repair services, including:

Routine Maintenance

Exhaust System


Steering & Alignment

Air Conditioning

Other Services

Electrical Diagnosis & Repair

wrenchElectronic Systems
Computerized Engine Diagnostics & Analysis
Engine Tune-Up
Emmissions Inspection Testing
Fuel Filter
Fuel Injection Cleaning
Quick Lube, Oil & Filter Change
State Inspections
Tire Rotation
Total Vehicle Inspection
Tune Ups


bulbAt Hi-Tech Auto Repair, we take the guesswork out of vehicle servicing. We have invested adequately in our equipment to get it right the very first time. The brands we use are trusted by us and appreciated by our customers.

So if you haven't visited us of late, do try out our services.

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